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Pueraria Mirifica + Wild Yam


Women’s femininity rejuvenator

Herbs of Gold Pueraria Mirifica Plus Wild Yam is an herbal preparation formulated to support women’s health.

  • Herbal duo
  • Women’s health & vitality
  • Feminine youthfulness

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  • Pueraria mirifica, also known as kwao krua khao, is an exotic root plant indigenous to Thailand; traditionally used for its rejuvenating qualities.
  • Pueraria mirifica is a rich source of phytoestrogen, a naturally-occurring plant estrogen which is beneficial in maintaining women’s overall well-being.
  • Pueraria mirifica is beneficial for healthy skin and hair.
  • Wild Yam root is a traditional remedy to support women’s health and vitality.
  • Wild Yam root is packed with vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin B6 and other antioxidants.

Suitable for women who:

  • Wish to maintain feminine beauty
  • Wish to restore youthful vitality
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