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About Us

Herbs of Gold was founded in 1989. Now over 20 years on, Herbs of Gold has been consistently expanding and improving its range of herbal and nutritional supplements, to continually provide customers with the highest quality products available.

Since 1989, consumers and health food retailers alike have come to know and trust Herbs of Gold for its integrity and reliability. Herbs of Gold products have established a similar trust for their quality and innovation, throughout this time.

The unique nature of Herbs of Gold products’ comes from the combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients used throughout the range; showcasing a holistic approach employed by Herbs of Gold in the development their products.

Herbal medicine is the oldest known form of medicine, dating back in written history in China to 2800BC. Herbs have a long history of ’empiricism’, that is, knowledge through experience. Most herbs used today come from several long traditions of medicinal use. The herbs used in Herbs of Gold products’ come from traditional European, Chinese and Ayurvedic (Indian) cultures.

By utilising this traditional evidence combined with the latest research on herbs and nutrients, Herbs of Gold continues to develop quality, efficacious supplements.

Speak to us about which product is best for you, and experience Herbs of Gold’s dedication to your health!


Postal Address
Herbs of Gold (S) Pte Ltd
Block 26 Kallang Place
#05-04/07 Kallang Basin Industrial Estate
Singapore 339157


Contact Number
(65) 6278 2778

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