Black Seed + Garlic


1X 90 Capsules

Blood circulation & Immunity

Herbs of Gold Black Seed + Garlic is a synergistic combination of Black Seed Extract and Garlic Extract to assist blood flow and general circulation to the extremities- particularly the hands and feet.

  • Circulation support
  • Immune system support
  • Traditional remedy



  • Maintaining the health of capillaries.
  • Assisting blood circulation and maintaining blood flow to the hands, legs and feet.
  • Helping to relieve cold hands and feet.
  • Supporting healthy immune system.
  • Helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.


Each capsule contains:
Black Seed Extract (Nigella sativa semen)65mg
Garlic Extract (Allium sativum bulb)35mg


Adults and Children over 12 years – Take 1-2 capsules twice daily, with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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