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Discover The Health Benefits of Black Seed and Garlic

A large number of medicinal herbs and their purified constituents have shown beneficial therapeutic potential. Black seed extract (seeds of Nigella sativa) has been employed for thousands of years as a spice and food preservative. Considered native to the Mediterranean region, black seed is cultivated in North Africa, Asia and southeastern Europe. The largest producers of black seed are Egypt, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Miracle Black Seed

Black seed has an interesting history that can be traced back to the Egyptian Dynasty. The seed was discovered in Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb way back in 1325 BC. The ancient Egyptians had very strong beliefs regarding the items they placed in the tombs of their deceased pharaohs, presumably to protect him in the afterlife. For centuries, black seed has been used to treat respiratory and digestive problems, parasites and inflammation. In ancient times, it was a remedy for a variety of health conditions including colds, infections, headaches and toothaches.

Studies have confirmed black seed benefits in improving blood circulation. The human circulatory system is responsible for sending blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. When blood flow to a specific part of the body is reduced, you may experience symptoms such as cold hands and feet, discoloured or pale skin, numbness, varicose veins, swelling or edema, tightening of the chest, fatigue, and so on. Black seed extract could help reduce the symptoms of poor blood circulation by increasing the blood flow while bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the body system especially the extremities.

Relieves Inflammation
Aside from verifying its blood circulation benefit, researchers in recent years have tested the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of black seed extract. In 1995, a group of scientists from the Department of Pharmacy at King’s College in London found that the extract contains these properties and is an antioxidant as well. They believe the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities may be linked to ingredients such as thymoquinone and unsaturated fatty acids. Long term chronic inflammation may cause high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, fatty liver, cancer and others.

Helps with Allergies
Certain conditions like bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema cause the body to produce histamines (a substance involved in an allergic response, causing widening of blood vessels and tightening of bronchial passages). When these histamines are released, the body’s immune system goes into overdrive, causing allergic reactions. Researchers have investigated and verified the black-seed-extract antihistamine activity, focusing on nigellone, an ingredient that acts as an inhibitory agent on histamine by inhibiting protein kinase C, known to initiate histamine release. Research also suggests that taking black seed extract improves coughing, wheezing and lung function in people with asthma.

Great Garlic

On the other hand, garlic is another herb which has shown beneficial therapeutic potential. It has been used as both food and medicine for thousands of years. Garlic produces a chemical called allicin. This is what seems to make garlic work for certain conditions. Allicin is also responsible for the pungent smell of garlic.
Improves Cardiovascular Health

Damage to blood vessel linings by free radicals is a key factor for increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems, including heart attack and atherosclerosis. Oxidative damage also leads to unwanted inflammation and it is this combination of unwanted inflammation and oxidative stress that puts our blood vessels at risk due to unwanted plaque formation and clogging.

Garlic, taken together with black seed extract, could be used for many conditions related to the heart and blood system. These conditions include high cholesterol, oxidative stress, unwanted inflammation and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

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